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RaShad greatest wish since childhood was to become a police officer. 


His drive and determination led him to pursue that dream after graduating from Grambling State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Soon afterwards Rashed was hired and deputized by DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office then sent to the police academy. After going through weeks of vigorous training, however, he was denied certification to become a Peace Officer just days before graduation.


Opposition and discrimination met RaShad head on. Having one arm had all of a sudden become a crime in itself…


Emotionally wounded and with a dream nearly shattered, RaShad recalled the words that his grandfather told him as a boy, "Son, your disability does not define you, your determination does." God moved and blessed RaShad to become a certified Peace Officer.


​After several years, RaShad is the only person in the State of Louisiana and the first person in the country with one arm to successfully graduate from a police academy and work in law-enforcement in the capacities of deputy sheriff, ‘D.A.R.E.’ officer, juvenile probation officer and correctional officer.


RaShad is a resident of Mansfield, Louisiana. His love of God, spending time with his family and horseback riding are the things that keep him grounded and focused on fulfilling his purpose. Coming from a humble community, service to those around him has always been a priority in his life which fuels his motivational speaking, his weekly talk show on KHAM Radio as well as propelled him to becoming a published author with a memoir of his life experiences that have helped to shape his walk in life.


“Life's experiences will make a person one of two ways - "BITTER or BETTER."  It is your choice: "Bitter" because of past experiences and setbacks or "Better" recognizing that past experiences were not really stumbling blocks, but stepping stones…”

-Bitter or Better: Doing More With Less


Following his retirement from Law Enforcement, in 2016 he was awarded the Ken Vince Memorial Award by the Governor’s Outstanding Leadership on Disabilities (GOLD) awards for his ongoing contributions to those with disabilities across the state.


He has spoken to crowds of various age groups, backgrounds, and professions on topics such as:

  • Teacher/Staff Development: "Doing More With Less" 

  • Personal Empowerment: "Why Me?" 

  • Parenting Children With Disabilities: "No Greater Love" 

  • Character Development: "Conditions & Conclusions" 


RaShad’s “BITTER or BETTER” brand seeks to encourage, inspire and uplift as he is a living example of overcoming any obstacle thrown in his path.

Bitter or Better (Audio) - Rashad Bristo
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