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"Bitter or Better: Doing More With Less" 

$20.00 (plus sales tax and shipping an handling) 

Have you ever stopped and asked the question, "Lord, Why Me?" then follow it up with, "What did I do to deserve this?" or "Why am I so different?" Life's experiences will make a person one of two ways - "BITTER or BETTER".  It is your choice: "Bitter" because of past experiences and setbacks or "Better" recognizing that past experiences were not really stumbling blocks, but stepping stones that can be used to elevate you into a greater future. All of us have something about us that makes us different yet unique, and it is that uniqueness that defines us.


"BITTER or BETTER": Doing More With Less is RaShad's personal story of excelling beyond the bitterness and frustration of his physical disability to pursue his dreams and live a fulfilling life. If you would like to read a free chapter,  send a request through the contact page. 

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